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Eston Nab (Hillfort) — Links

The Friends of Eston Hills

Join now or donate a couple of quid to the cause.

Eston Nab (Hillfort) — News

Eston Nab is now owned by the people.

Hart Leap Stones (Standing Stones) — Images (click to view fullsize)

<b>Hart Leap Stones</b>Posted by fitzcoraldo

White Moss (Stone Circle) — Images

<b>White Moss</b>Posted by fitzcoraldo

Mayburgh & King Arthur's Round Table — Images

<b>Mayburgh & King Arthur's Round Table</b>Posted by fitzcoraldo

Dane's Dyke — Images

<b>Dane's Dyke</b>Posted by fitzcoraldo

Rudston Monolith (Standing Stone / Menhir) — Images

<b>Rudston Monolith</b>Posted by fitzcoraldo

Willy Howe (Artificial Mound) — Images

<b>Willy Howe</b>Posted by fitzcoraldo

Trefael (Cup and Ring Marks / Rock Art) — Links

Past Horizons

New discoveries at Trefael Stone in Wales

The Trefael Stone, standing in a large rectangular field north of the village of Nevern in west Pembrokeshire, until 2010, was considered to be a standing stone, one of a number that occupy this ancient landscape. Used as a cattle rubbing stone, it measures around 1.2 m in height and over 2 m in length and has on its southern face up to 75 cupmarks.

Trefael (Cup and Ring Marks / Rock Art) — News

Secrets of the earliest Britons could be hidden in 5,000-year-old tomb

Archaeologists have discovered the remains of a Neolithic portal dolmen, one of Western Europe's oldest ritual burial chambered monuments, in an isolated field in Wales.

It is thought the tomb was built from giant boulders about 5,500 years ago. Its capstone bears a seemingly random pattern of dozens of circular holes gouged into its surface – symbols of Neolithic or Bronze Age ritual burial activity.

Read more here

Lugbury (Long Barrow) — Images

<b>Lugbury</b>Posted by fitzcoraldo

Newgrange (Passage Grave) — Images

<b>Newgrange</b>Posted by fitzcoraldo

The Long Man of Wilmington (Hill Figure) — Images

<b>The Long Man of Wilmington</b>Posted by fitzcoraldo

La Hougue Bie (Passage Grave) — Images

<b>La Hougue Bie</b>Posted by fitzcoraldo

Kerhouezel (Standing Stone / Menhir) — Images

<b>Kerhouezel</b>Posted by fitzcoraldo

Dolmens de Mane Kerioned (Dolmen / Quoit / Cromlech) — Images

<b>Dolmens de Mane Kerioned</b>Posted by fitzcoraldo

Alignements de Vieux Moulin — Images

<b>Alignements de Vieux Moulin</b>Posted by fitzcoraldo


RAM 2012

Details for this years Rock Art Meeting
Old Bewick Northumberland

Jan-RAM 2012

Do it

Wade's Stone (South) (Standing Stone / Menhir) — News

Wade's Stone re-erected

Machrie Moor — Images

<b>Machrie Moor</b>Posted by fitzcoraldo<b>Machrie Moor</b>Posted by fitzcoraldo<b>Machrie Moor</b>Posted by fitzcoraldo<b>Machrie Moor</b>Posted by fitzcoraldo

Moss Farm North (Standing Stone / Menhir) — Images

<b>Moss Farm North</b>Posted by fitzcoraldo

Machrie Moor — Images

<b>Machrie Moor</b>Posted by fitzcoraldo<b>Machrie Moor</b>Posted by fitzcoraldo<b>Machrie Moor</b>Posted by fitzcoraldo

Stronach (Standing Stone / Menhir) — Images

<b>Stronach</b>Posted by fitzcoraldo

Mnajdra (Ancient Temple) — Images

<b>Mnajdra</b>Posted by fitzcoraldo

Hagar Qim (Ancient Temple) — Images

<b>Hagar Qim</b>Posted by fitzcoraldo<b>Hagar Qim</b>Posted by fitzcoraldo

Copt Howe (Cup and Ring Marks / Rock Art) — Images

<b>Copt Howe</b>Posted by fitzcoraldo

Fylingdales Moor (Cup and Ring Marks / Rock Art) — Images

<b>Fylingdales Moor</b>Posted by fitzcoraldo

Stonehenge (Stone Circle) — Images

<b>Stonehenge</b>Posted by fitzcoraldo

Tolmen Stone (Holed Stone) — Images

<b>Tolmen Stone</b>Posted by fitzcoraldo

Aberdeenshire — News

Ian Shepherd

High Bridestones (Stone Circle) — Images

<b>High Bridestones</b>Posted by fitzcoraldo

The Devil's Arrows (Standing Stones) — Images

<b>The Devil's Arrows</b>Posted by fitzcoraldo<b>The Devil's Arrows</b>Posted by fitzcoraldo

Stanage (Cup Marked Stone) — Images

<b>Stanage</b>Posted by fitzcoraldo

Callanish (Standing Stones) — Images

<b>Callanish</b>Posted by fitzcoraldo<b>Callanish</b>Posted by fitzcoraldo

Le Grand Dolmen de Bagneux (Burial Chamber) — Images

<b>Le Grand Dolmen de Bagneux</b>Posted by fitzcoraldo

Kemp Howe (Stone Circle) — Images

<b>Kemp Howe</b>Posted by fitzcoraldo

Easington High Moor (Standing Stone / Menhir) — Images

<b>Easington High Moor</b>Posted by fitzcoraldo

La Pierre-Levée (Poitiers) (Burial Chamber) — Links

Wade Stone's French postcard collection

A collection of French postcards of prehistoric monuments. Where cards posted here and many others can be copied in a higher resolution

Silbury Hill (Artificial Mound) — News

David Attenborough's big dig

Silbury Hill is as ancient and enigmatic as Stonehenge. David Attenborough tells Jonathan Jones why he set out to crack it

Long Meg & Her Daughters (Stone Circle) — Images

<b>Long Meg & Her Daughters</b>Posted by fitzcoraldo

Stone of Morphie (Standing Stone / Menhir) — Images

<b>Stone of Morphie</b>Posted by fitzcoraldo
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