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Great Orme Mine (Ancient Mine / Quarry)

National Trust spends £1m to secure precious archaeological site on Great Orme in North Wales

A chunk of the Great Orme, the imposing limestone headland on the North Wales coast which is home to Britain’s largest prehistoric mine and a herd of Kashmiri goats acquired from Queen Victoria, has been secured by the National Trust.

The £1m purchase of a large farm on the promontory overlooking the resort of Llandudno is the latest acquisition by the Trust’s 50-year-old Neptune campaign to protect special areas of coastline under threat of development.

The 140-acre Parc Farm will now be managed to promote the Orme’s status as one of Britain’s most important botanical sites as well as an area rich in archaeology, including the underground workings of the biggest Bronze Age copper mine in the UK.

The purchase means that the Trust has now secured 574 miles of coastline in England, Wales and Northern Ireland since the Neptune campaign was begun half a century ago in May 1965.
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26th May 2015ce

Avebury (Stone Circle)

Road near Avebury stone circle recommended for closure

Old news I know.

A road near Avebury stones in Wiltshire could be permanently closed to protect the World Heritage Site (WHS).
scubi63 Posted by scubi63
19th May 2015ce

Callaigh Berra's House (Passage Grave)

Slieve Gullion: Volunteers help repair ancient cairn

A group of volunteers has helped to repair a 5,000-year-old burial cairn on one of Northern Ireland's most significant mountains.

Around 30 of them trekked to the top of Slieve Gullion in south Armagh at the weekend to carry out the work, under the supervision of an archaeologist.

They helped to fix damage done to the huge passage grave by the weather and increasing numbers of hill walkers.

Stones had become dislodged from the top of the ancient cairn.

As a result, the entrance to the site was in danger of being blocked.

The burial chamber is lined up to illuminate with the light from the setting sun of the winter solstice on 21 December every year.

ryaner Posted by ryaner
18th May 2015ce

Maen Penddu (Standing Stone / Menhir)

Maen Penddu defaced with Cross

GGAT have reported that someone has scratched a cross into the surface of Maen Penddu.

Not dissimilar from the cross on one of the stones at The Druid's Circle nearby. Seems there's still some people who think pagan monuments need to be "Christianised"
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18th May 2015ce


First stone circle for over a century is discovered on Dartmoor

THE first stone circle for more than a century has been discovered on Dartmoor.

The set – at least 4,000 years old – is the highest circle in southern England and the second-largest on Dartmoor.

Read more:
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10th May 2015ce


Earlier Meur burnt mound emergency dig

Last year the known burnt mound at Meur was removed to another site, now there is a larger and even earlier mound being excavated in the usual race against time. and Thursday's edition of Around Orkney (available on Soundcloud now)
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7th May 2015ce

Wales (Country)

Heritage bill to protect monuments in Wales

A new law to protect historical monuments and buildings in Wales aims to make it more difficult for those who damage them to escape prosecution.
It comes after 119 cases of damage to sites between 2006 and 2012 resulted in only one successful prosecution.
The Historic Environment (Wales) Bill will give ministers powers to make owners who damage monuments undertake repairs.
Councils can also take action to stop decay by recovering urgent work costs.
In 2013, a stretch of the 1,200-year-old Offa's Dyke, on privately owned land between Chirk and Llangollen, was found flattened....

This is good news and hopefully extends to prehistoric monuments..
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6th May 2015ce

The Calderstones (Cup and Ring Marks / Rock Art)

Schoolboy makes amazing historical discovery

From the Liverpool Echo:

Liverpool schoolboy Connor Hannaway has made history after discovering a carving which had somehow escaped the notice of archaeologists for hundreds of years.

The 13-year-old only spotted the etching during a school trip to Calderstones Park by chance – after dropping his pencil on the floor while he was making some notes!

Connor, who lives in Aigburth and attends Calderstones School, saw the bird carving at the bottom of one of the six Neolithic calderstones his school is named after – but, initially, no one believed him.

He recalls: “I wouldn’t have seen it if I hadn’t dropped my pencil. Because of the light I could only see the head of the bird, but then its back and tail became visible. I just thought that everyone must know it was there.”

Full Story:
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3rd May 2015ce

Calderstones archaeological project aims to dig up evidence of prehistoric scousers

Calderstones park is hosting an archaeological dig to uncover Liverpool’s buried history and possibly the remnants of the prehistoric scousers.

The south Liverpool park is playing host to a series of heritage activities until May 8 as part of the Connect Calderstones project by The Reader Organisation.

Two of the three trenches which have been dug are near the historic mansion house and have been placed there as they are the most likely to uncover historic evidence.

The third trench is further away closer to the actual neolithic Calderstones. The hope is that this trench will date back closer to the stone age and prehistoric era.

Richard MacDonald, from The Reader Organisation, said: “As the park has never been built on there could be anything under our feet. We may even find evidence of the first humans to live in this area - relics of the earliest scousers!”

After just three days of the dig, which is open to the public, and a foot of top soil there is evidence of life from 50-100 years ago as well as the unearthing of pottery which is 200 years old.

Richard said: “This is hands on for locals who love getting involved in their history.”

There are no professional archaeologists at the dig and it is the first time Calderstones has been accessible to the public for an excavation such as this.

Richard said: “Diggers are from the local community and volunteers, without these the dig would not be possible.”

Through ‘The Big Dig Blog’ at up to the minute information about the dig can be found as it happens.

Richard said: “The Calderstones are of national importance and this dig is an exciting opportunity for people in the local area to get involved in a community dig and support The Reader’s plans for the future.”

More info on following link....

Note; The Calderstones are elsewhere and not near this amateur dig.
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30th April 2015ce

Stonehenge and its Environs

From 'druidical erection' to Spinal Tap: a history of Stonehenge as tourist site

It has been a place of pilgrimage for many centuries and a tourist attraction probably since Roman times.

But a new exhibition opening at Stonehenge on Friday tells the fascinating story of how the monument developed from a crumbling curiosity in Victorian times to one of the world’s most visited sites, drawing in more than 1 million people a year.

Over the past 15 years, the archeologist, broadcaster and writer, Julian Richards, has collected hundreds of books, souvenirs, postcards and pictures related to the prehistoric monument.

His “Stonehengiana” – as he terms it – ranges from lurid pink pottery adorned with a picture of the great circle to the earliest guidebooks with lovely black and white illustrations but some, frankly, odd conclusions about the history of the site.

The exhibition, called Wish You Were Here, also reveals how 20th century advertisers used the image of Stonehenge to sell everything from cars to beer and the fascination rock bands and comic writers have with the ancient stones.........

Keep reading on the link below...
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30th April 2015ce
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