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<b>Drizzlecombe Megalithic Complex</b>Posted by GLADMANDrizzlecombe Megalithic Complex © Robert Gladstone Welcome to The Modern Antiquarian website, based on Julian Cope's epic guidebook of the same name and his equally epic exploration of Europe, The Megalithic European.

Since launching in March 2000ce, the site has grown to be a massive resource for news, information, images, folklore & weblinks on the ancient sites across the UK, Ireland and Europe, thanks to the remarkable efforts of all those who contribute.

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<b>Dun Ban</b>Posted by GLADMAN <b>Delfour</b>Posted by GLADMAN <b>Kintraw</b>Posted by GLADMAN <b>Falls of Acharn Stone Circle</b>Posted by GLADMAN <b>Corrimony</b>Posted by GLADMAN <b>Corrimony</b>Posted by GLADMAN <b>Warehouse S</b>Posted by GLADMAN <b>Mynydd Mawr (Aberdaron)</b>Posted by thesweetcheat <b>Mynydd Mawr (Aberdaron)</b>Posted by thesweetcheat <b>Mynydd Mawr (Aberdaron)</b>Posted by thesweetcheat <b>The Four Stones</b>Posted by GLADMAN <b>Yr Wyddfa</b>Posted by GLADMAN <b>Ardchonnell</b>Posted by GLADMAN <b>Punchestown Standing Stone</b>Posted by GLADMAN <b>Easton Down</b>Posted by GLADMAN <b>Yeavering Bell</b>Posted by GLADMAN <b>Old Man of Storr</b>Posted by GLADMAN <b>Dun Mhaigh</b>Posted by GLADMAN <b>Dun Mhaigh</b>Posted by GLADMAN <b>Uneval</b>Posted by GLADMAN
John Michell lecture
Posted by dee, 03.05.2016

Paabo and Reich do it again .
Posted by tiompan, 02.05.2016

Broughmore Wood Broughmore wood
Posted by paganman, 02.05.2016

Sittaford Sittaford Tor Stone Circle
Posted by spencer, 01.05.2016
Punchestown Standing Stone Re: Fieldnotes by CARL
Comment by ryaner, 04/05/2016

Maen Melyn Re: Image by thesweetcheat
Comment by thesweetcheat, 03/05/2016

Maen Melyn Re: Image by thesweetcheat
Comment by drewbhoy, 03/05/2016

Punchestown Standing Stone Re: Fieldnotes by CARL
Comment by GLADMAN, 02/05/2016

Yr Wyddfa Re: Image by GLADMAN
Comment by GLADMAN, 02/05/2016
Castell Caer Seion
Posted by postman, 01.05.16

Posted by ironstone, 29.04.16

Posted by drewbhoy, 25.04.16

Hill Of Whitecross
Posted by drewbhoy, 25.04.16

Glastonbury Lake Village
Posted by CARL, 24.04.16
Mynydd Rhiw
Posted by thesweetcheat, 24.04.16

Posted by Rhiannon, 20.04.16

St Columkille's Stones
Posted by Rhiannon, 20.04.16

Ho Stone, Balcunnin
Posted by Rhiannon, 20.04.16

Posted by Rhiannon, 20.04.16
Maen Melyn Well Hopper
Posted by thesweetcheat, 02.05.16

Sittaford Video of Sittaford stone circle from the air
Posted by baza, 28.04.16

Stripple Stones Cornish Collection - Stripple Stones
Posted by moss, 27.04.16

Stac Dearg RCAHMS archive
Posted by thelonious, 20.04.16
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The Modern Antiquarian by Julian Cope is published by Thorsons. In October 2004ce Julian Cope published The Megalithic European, a landmark guide to the stones of ancient Europe.
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